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Smart Retail Era

In an era in which everyone sells everything, retailers must work harder to differentiate themselves from others. Retailers can no longer win on price or proximity. Instead, retailers need to hearken back to their brand promise and uncover what differentiates them from others selling the same goods. Technology will be key to assisting retailers with creating new, meaningful ways for consumers to interact with the brand. The biggest issue holding back retailers is not the availability of technologies, but instead the inability to understand and adopt the ones that will further their brand ethos.

Smart Retail Solution

Smart Retail is a long revolution. First, it's not adoption of new technology, it comes from essential of retail. You need to re-think your relation with your customers and you product and design all channel experience of your customers. Second, It's not e-commerce or online sales but ominichannel integrated experience delivered to your customer. Finally, there is no solution on table for all. Each retailer should make their plan based on their business status. But for most of retailers, digitalization of offline store is a good start to build your data assets.

Ivida Smart Retail Solution is build up based on new retail concept for next decades. The core idea is implemented in Biz-In-Touch cloud based SaaS software. Biz-In-Touch is not software accomplished overnight. It's solution based on long working with customers together.

To help retailer catch up the new digital retail era and grow their business step by step. Ivida parnter with global leading HW parnters and supplied leading edge Store digitalization solution including: Digital Signage, Cloud based POS, ESL (Digital Shelf Lable), Traffic Camera and Integration communication solution.