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Content Distribution and Management System

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Digital Signage CDMS System

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Ivida Content Distribution and Management System is cloud based management system for digital signage and menu board. Can support all Ivida LED and LCD signage or 3rd party with Ivida Media player.

It’s deployed on secured AWS cloud and customer can access it with account anywhere anytime with browser.


Media Management and Editor

  • Media content management including including image, video, music, RSS, slide, touch, web, text, APK and dynamic table
  • Intuitive drag & drop content  editor support full screen or multi zone layout

Content Distribution

  • Programmable publish interface allows you to arrange contents and their playback time, sequence, frequency and location easily
  • Publish immediately or at your specified date and time
  • Flexible classification management mechanism, Terminals can be managed in organizations and groups, users can be granted different permissions.
  • Breakpoint resume, time download and bandwidth control help to make use of network resources more effectively.

Terminal Montior and Management

  • Previews and multi checks ensure information delivery correct and accurate.
  • Remote control of on/off, volume, channel and hibernating.
  • Auto on/off policy.
  • Remote monitoring for health and content, failure alert.

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