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AirMedia — Outdoor Big Size


Stadium | Outdoor Signage | Building

AirUltra-R — Outdoor HD

AirUltra HD OutDoor

Shopping Mall | Shop Outdoor Fitting | Town Square | School or Hospital

JumboTV — Indoor HD
Industry Leader

Jumbo TV HD Indoor

Shop Fitting | School | Office | Show Room | Digital Cinema

AirMag — Indoor Big Size

AirMag Indoor Big Size

Airport | Shopping Mall | Hotel Lobby | School | Railway Station

AirFloor — Display on Ground

Automobile | Exhibition | Events | Shopping Mall | Meseum

AirCrystal — Transparant LED Display In Window

AirCrystal -- Window

Automobile | Shopping Mall | Big Buiding with Windows | Meseaum

AirWave — Curved LED Signge

Airwave -- Indoor Curved

Shop Fitting | Shopping Mall | Meseum

MagicBox — Creative Design

MagicBox Indoor

Shop Fitting | Theme in Shopping Mall

Popular Issue on over 60% Projects on Market

Don’t Waste Money Like This

  • Low Quality Product

    Driven by Short Term Cost

    Lack of good supplier | Wrong Approach of “Short Term” Cost | LED market is relative New

  • Product on Wrong User Case

    You didn’t get what you need, but just what they have

    Limitation of Product Line | Lack of Knowledge | Communication Issue | Cheating on Cost to Win Project

  • Design and Deployment Issues

    Phiscal | Thermal | Power

    Most caused by wrong or no thermal design in the project.

  • Warranty and Repair Issue

    No Good Support from Factory

    Factory Dist is not bundled | “Cost” Thinking | Knowledge Limitation | Lack of Components

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