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Change IP Address of Thermal Receipt Printer

If you are connecting you thermal receipt or Kitchen Printer using Ethernet. You have to change the IP address of your printer to make sure it works in same LAN IP segment with your POS. Suggest you to use static IP but not DHCP for stable connection:

  1. Software preparation:
    • Down load IP configuration software in shop: Printer-Tools-V3.0. (works for Ivida thermal receipt and kitchen printer: A330L, S300H, R300H)
    • Extract the software and put in your PC (Windows 8/10).
  2. Cable Connection:
    • Connect you printer with PC by USB cable. (no driver needed).
    • Connect the printer to router or switch with same IP segment with POS.
  3. IP address planning:
    • IP address suggested: Use 160 as receipt printer and 161~169 as Kitchen Printer. For example: (Receipt), (Coffee station), (Hot food Station).
    • Ping the IP address you want to use and make sure it’s not conflict with device in your network (or visit you router to check IP status now). You can also use “Refresh” button to get you PC IP address and IP network segment.
  4. Run software downloaded and set IP address as below (Printer Test.exe):
    • Make sure you config right connection and printer type: USB & POS-80
    • Refresh to confirm local IP setment
    • Writhe and “Set New IP”, When you press the button, you should got a Beep from printer to let you know that you IP setting is done.
  5. Validate IP connection:
    • Input same printer IP as you set before, like
    • Click “Connect” Button, then you can got message “Connection Successfully”. And then use Ping to double confirm.
  6. Test Printer on PC
    • Choose “Net” on Port Select.
    • Press “Print” Button. Then you can print on you printer.

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