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A chargeback is a reversal of a credit card transaction and usually occurs when a cardholder raises a dispute with their financial institution (also known as the Issuer) in relation to a purchase made with their credit card.

A chargeback may result in the amount of the original sale and a chargeback fee to be deducted from the merchant’s account. The reasons why chargebacks occur may vary however, chargebacks are generally the result of a customer being dissatisfied with their purchase or due to unauthorised or fraudulent activity/use of their card. Any transactions, processed without a proper authorization from the issuer, can also be returned as chargebacks.

Under Condition 9.0 of the Merchant Terms & Conditions, we may process a chargeback on your account if certain conditions are met.




  • 盗卡交易。就是持卡人信用卡信息被人盗取,盗卡人以持卡人的名誉刷卡消费
  • 货不对版。就是持卡人收到的产品与之前所购买的产品不相符,如款式、大小、颜色等等出入太大
  • 卖家不发货。也就是客户打钱啦,但卖家却不发货导致客户拒付的。
  • .恶意拒付。客户已经收到产品,且不存在货不对版,但持卡人仍然坚持拒付的。

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