Reopen Checklist for Cafe, Restaurant and Retail Shops


All signs from government point to a lifting of restrictions on business as early as the end of this week. Getting ready and keeping safe are important for both customers and staffs. Here is the list may help:

 Business Management & Planning

  1. Cash flow including loans, rent, staff cost, operation and selling cost.
  2. Business plan based on evidence of business key factor review, like staff numbers, shift, inventory.
  3. Plans of operation change like  staff shift, product and menu, working hours or even price.

Site Preparation — including social Distance

  1. Hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes and disposal bin
  2. 2 meter distance marking on floor.
  3. If possible, keep staff behind workstation 2 meters apart.
  4. Staff protection meansures like:
    • Screen between service and check out.
    • Or masks instead  especial preparing food if customers can understand.
  5. Information board or digital signage to communicate with customers:
    • Safety remind
    • Change of shop like menu and operation hours.
  6. Traffic management solution to make sure numbers of customers in shop is safe like traffic camera.
  7. Non contact solution like self check out kiosk. 
  8. Prior to reopen, sites should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  9. Routine clean and disinfection need to be planned especial for high traffic area like toilets, shower, taps ,door handles and handrails.
  10. Hygiene measures for high traffic area like thermal screening devices.

Communication with staffs and  customers

  1. Notify all employees the change of reopen like shifting, routine job, operating procedures.
  2. Make sure safety rules and infection control process are well known.
  3. Employees who have been in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19 either at work or outside of work must isolated until testing demonstrates they have not been affected by the exposure.
  4. Online update of information like Facebook, Google map to ensure that customer can get latest information of your shop.

Grow Plan

Safety is important but we need to proactively think solution of grow.

  1. Product menu change: based on customers new behavior, we may need to prepare some fast food, easy to take away, or half ready food to enjoy at home.
  2. Encourage take away or delivery business like discount for food taking away.
  3. Go through the production and fulfillment of your shop to rearrange staff job, avoid bottle neck and generate more revenue. based on new trend, maybe a dedicate delivery guy is needed.
  4. Open new channel of sales like online ordering system. Don’t waste money on online marketing if you do not have a good ordering system for landing the traffic.
  5. Establish customer relation management system, lead customer traffic to your own website or ordering system.
  6. Delivery platform is good and bad, use it only if you don’t have solution to take care of your customers.

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