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New Era of Digital Smart Retail

1995 was the dawn of the first Era of digital retail. Amazon launched, Auction Web went live. Even 3% of Americans had ever benn on Internet, e-commerce were startlingly new.

The sencond era of digital retail started in 2008 with the announcement of iPhone and then the rise of the cloud, mobile payment. It's era of Mobile E-commerce.

The third Era already began with new technology such as "Artificial Intelligent", Virtual and Augmented Reality, 5G Mobile network, and IOT. The new technologies make bricks and motar smart, and also enhance experience of in-store and Ominichannel sales. 

                                             -- From Forbes      

New Digital Smart Retail

Digitalised Store

"We are moving from an era where digital was a ‘gadget’ in stores, to an era where technology is turning into the invisible but powerful backbone of retail" --Daco Co-Founder 

Mobile Payment

Mobile payment has been breaking the limitation of crash payment and credit card payment become the main consumption way in many countries


 It's not about online or in-store sales; it's about all-lines that provide a seamless customer experience across every channel. 

Point of Sale to Experience

60% of consumers want to do more than buy in stores. This is where retail stores have an edge above online channels by offerring certain features such as physical try-outs,  human touch from sales.

New Marketing

Your customers don’t see your business as two separate businesses one online, one offline. You need an integrated marketing solution with SEO, Social, in-store marketing and traffic monitoering system.

Customer vs Retailer 

Customers are the most valuable assets to retailers. How to you know them? What do they like? Are they satisfied with your service? How do you interactive with them?